Sabarmati Skyline Tour



An 1100 ft Long Zipline across the River Sabarmati

Ziplining is a recreational component of an adventure tourism that is gaining popularity in the recent years. This is a thrilling activity that gives you an adrenaline rush right from the start. Now get an opportunity to partake in this daring adventure in the middle of the city at the famous Sabarmati River Front of Ahmedabad.

Get attached to a pulley, hang on a cable and slide downwards along an inclined cable that is more than 1100 feet long each way. Commence the quest from a launch pad at a height of 60 feet above the river. Zipline across the river, anchoring all along the rope just few feet above the river. Feel the extreme thrill of this activity at Ahmedabad. No prior experience is required to do this activity. Enjoy ziplining and cherish those unforgettable moments for a lifetime.Experience the tinge of adventure by trying your hand at Ziplining.